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Art, Medical, Scientific and Historic Slide or Print Collections

The Real World Problem

Slides – transparencies – photographic prints – they all deteriorate – eventually.  Modern films and prints have significantly improved durability, but what to do with “older” materials?



Art History – Archaeology History

Sooner or later institutions with slide and print collections need to be concerned about preserving these irreplaceable assets.  This includes optimizing their physical storage conditions as well as digitizing them for posterity – at a variety of resolutions – for a variety of applications.



Engineering – Sociology Museums

Slides have also become a thing-of-the-past when it comes to creating presentations.  Corporations, Institutions, Universities with large collections of slide images are taking advantage of digital images (at lower resolutions) to educate and communicate information through Powerpoint presentations.

TAYLOR PHOTO knows how to scan images for the appropriate application in standard TIFF or JPEG formats, allowing them to be used in any number of ways.

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