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High-Resolution Professional Scanning

We combine high-resolution scanning equipment with the most experienced operators to bring out the finest details and color fidelity from your prints or transparencies.

We also create high quality prints in almost UNLIMITED poster sizes at a quality level you have to see to believe. Combined with our PRINT MOUNTING services, we have solutions for any Corporate display requirement.



Image Scanning - Digital Services



Once upon a time before high-resolution digital imaging, your final result could never be better in quality than the original negative or transparency from which it was made. Now all of that has changed.

It is a fact that Corporations from around the world come to TAYLOR PHOTO for the finest in film processing of original negatives and transparencies. Those SAME Corporations also come to us for our expertise in Digital Imaging.

Bring us your art originals, color transparencies or negatives. We will use our state-of-the-art scanners, both drum and flatbed, to digitize your 35mm originals or any 2-dimensional art up to 12" x 17" to produce perfectly calibrated, flawless results. 

In addition, our high-resolution digital cameras are extremely well suited to reproduce original art works in excess of 15 FEET X 30 FEET !!

Prepress Output



You already know about “Color Management” - or the lack of it - when you go to the electronics store and see how different every color TV monitor renders color. 

The same is true with reproducing your work for commercial printing.  With our Color Management software we are able to produce a “soft proof” in CMYK printing colors that is calibrated to various printing conditions and proofing systems. 

These digital files and their soft proofs can be used by Ad Agencies to ensure that all your colors and tones will be consistent to industry standards for publishing and prepress applications.

Aztek® Premier Drum Scanner



The Advanced AZTEK® PREMIER™ DRUM SCANNER possesses capabilities that set the standards for high quality image capture. With a unique combination of Photo Multiplier Sensors and OptiVu™ technology, the AZTEK Premier™ has characteristics that set it far apart from other scanners:

  • Greater density range sensitivity making it exceptional at reproducing slides.
  • Superior optical accuracy with resolution capability of 8000ppi. This helps to produce extremely high image quality.
  • Rapid scanning speed and scaling capability.

We have a “fleet” of scanners that are perfect to produce lush, beautiful photo murals, duratrans or duraflex prints.

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