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TAYLOR PHOTO offers the best in professional photography for any Corporate requirement.

We combine the latest in traditional and digital equipment with over twenty years of experience in all types of photography and lighting - for project in the STUDIO and ON LOCATION . 

Studio Photography

Our Princeton STUDIO has a vast array of props, backdrops and lighting systems to create distinctive moods and effects. With a 20 foot ceiling and large warehouse-door access, we can accommodate almost any size subject in-house.

TAYLOR PHOTO has the finest camera equipment available and can photograph in every traditional format from 35mm to 8 x 10". We also use the highest resolution professional digital cameras available for digital imaging.


Location Photography

We are always ready to travel and have the experience and creativity to bring life to your project. New York to New Delhi, we've traveled across the planet capturing photos for our clients.

For ON LOCATION projects, our staff is acknowledged as experts in the areas of architectural, product, portrait and event photography. Don’t take our word for it, have a look at the AWARDS we have garnered for our Corporate clients and browse through our award-winning PORTFOLIO.




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Read about all of our Location Photography Services - click on a link below:


Aerial Photography



Aerial Photography
Seeing Your World From A Wing-side Seat


Involved in a project where you really need to get the BIG PICTURE? Often, there's no better way to do so than with a crisp, clean, high-resolution aerial photograph from TAYLOR PHOTO.

  • Such photos are invaluable in community planning, real estate development, site planning, demographic studies, and public event documentation.
  • We're veterans at working from both helicopters and airplanes and can use each to your advantage. If you want to come along to direct the shoot we can even arrange for an extra seat!
  • And to maximize how effective we are and keep you on budget, we employ GPS Satellite technology to locate your facilities quickly and easily.
  • We're masters at digitally compositing aerial and site photographs with studio shots of architectural models to create accurate, realistic photos showing future buildings integrated into existing sites.
  • Finally, we can produce these images for you as color slides, prints, photomurals, or give them to you as digital files.

And if you sign up for a Corporate Account all of this is possible, ON-LINE !


If you're thinking of taking to the air, CONTACT US to make an appointment.


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Architectural Photography

The challenging discipline of architectural photography has been a specialty of TAYLOR PHOTO for over fifteen years.

  • Noted architects such as Michael Graves and companies such as Disney have selected us to document architectural models, buildings, inside and out.  We’ve even documented an entire town!
  • Our clients have been rewarded with numerous and continuing awards because of our expertise.                                


  • Our photographs have been widely published in a variety of architectural magazines including


Progressive Architecture 
Architectural Record
Architectural Digest 
Professional Builder
and many others


Our photographers have the experience, the vision, and tenacity to locate and capture the ideal views of your project. Whether it is finding the perfect balance among multiple light sources or hopping into a helicopter or plane to get a clear aerial view of your site to composite with a studio shot of a model, at TAYLOR PHOTO we know what to do and are ready to do it.

CONTACT US for your next architectural photo shoot.


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Portrait Photography

Discovering what's distinctive about you

Portraiture is a complex, technical, highly nuanced, and very personal form of communication. That's why a wide array of business and public leaders, authors, artists, actors and musicians have come to TAYLOR PHOTO over the years whenever they want to be seen at their best.

  • At TAYLOR PHOTO we strive to photograph the personality, not just the person. When photographing a group, we try to capture the chemistry that makes that group vital and unique.
  • Our work has been published in TIME, Newsweek, Business Week, Fortune, and FORBES Magazines.
  • Taylor portraits are also to be found on the covers of CDs and the pages of countless brochures, programs and annual reports.

Whether a straightforward public relations photo, an editorial assignment or something more unusual, we work to create an image that is as interesting and memorable as the subject.

CONTACT US at TAYLOR PHOTO, where we take every portrait personally.


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Product Photography

Showing what's important, what's special about your product

Product photography is a subtle, but demanding discipline where experience and attention to detail are critical. The way a product is presented in photographs is crucial to its success in the marketplace.

Whether we photograph on location or in our own spacious, well-equipped studio, TAYLOR PHOTO takes the time to study your product and determine what sets it apart. The set-up and lighting effects we create must compliment your product –

be it a sense of surgical precision

an air of whimsy

or a hint of drama

We then create images that capture and emphasize your product's distinctive qualities.

When your ad campaign or sales brochures call for ultimate photos, CONTACT US

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Copy & Reproduction Photography

Copying, Illustrating & Documenting


When museums or artists
Need high quality slides, prints or transparencies of works of art - collected or created - they call TAYLOR PHOTO
When authors or researchers
Need photos of original documents or manuscripts for reproduction in books or articles - they call TAYLOR PHOTO


Photography for reproduction and documentation is often very painstaking and delicate work. The amount of detail that can be captured on film can be of aesthetic, historical, or even legal importance to posterity.

TAYLOR PHOTO is uniquely qualified to provide Reproduction and Documentation photography because we offer comprehensive “beginning-to-end” services:

  • Our studio has every format of camera and lenses of every size
  • We control the processing of any type of positive or negative film in our own dark rooms
  • We digitally correct or enhance digital images to coax out even greater detail
  • And finally, we will produce the final product on anything from 35mm slide film to an eight foot wide mural print.

CONTACT US for all of your archival copying and reproduction requirements.


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Event Photography

A Way of Sharing Special Times With Others

How an event is photographed is most often how it is remembered. Good photographs let you re-live and enjoy events all over again and share them with those who couldn't be there.

Do you have an important conference, meeting or rally coming up? Perhaps you have a special family occasion - a wedding, a silver anniversary or retirement party?

Have an experienced event photographer from TAYLOR PHOTO document your unique occasion.

Our event photographers are masters with the camera, but more important, we are great with people. Calm, poised, and attentive – we put people at ease during formal, ceremonial moments. We can capture the spirit of things with photos of both the long-awaited and the unexpected interactions that define an evening.

Afterwards, we can print out these moments for you anywhere from wallet size to life size.  In color, Black & White, or sepia-tone. Why not have your event live on in photos that are TAYLOR-made for you?

CONTACT US for your next event.


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Digital Photography

Experience Matters

Taylor Photo offers the best and most complete solutions in professional digital photography services.  We provide our clients the quality you would expect from traditional film with the unmatched flexibility and costs savings of digital imaging.

Taylor Photo has been shooting professionl digital images for over seven years
in addition to decades of traditional photography. The result is our client’s have at their disposal photographers with the best experience in composition, lighting, and creativity, the elements that make great images. Whether it's a sensitive piece of medical equipment, or an 80-story skyscraper, Taylor Photo's extensive experience behind the lens and on the computer will make your subject look exceptional.

Taylor Photo believes that there are no compromises when it comes to professional imaging technology. Our digital cameras push photography to a completely new level as the final product has now begun to match the quality of continuous tone films. We can now quickly capture images with the detail of traditional film with far greater flexibility.


Imagine seeing your image onscreen within seconds rather than days. Then imagine your images being ready for press that same day.

This is the future of photography, and it's been here at Taylor Photo for quite some time.

When it comes to quality, our know-how and our ability to use the finest digital equipment is unmatched in the business. We're not talking about point-and-shoot cameras from the local electronics store, but professional grade digital SLRs able to capture “raw” files with more than 80 million pixels of resolution.  We can also "stitch" images together to create files capable of extremely large output with the highest quality possible.

And in order to maintain the finest details, tone, and clarity TAYLOR PHOTO uses a wide range of professional lenses from Nikon, Hasselblad, and Schneider as well as sophisticated studio lighting equipment.

To witness the quality of our digital work, take a look at our Online Portfolio.

online portfolio

See if you can tell which ones are traditional and which are digital. Or stop by our studio and see the proof in person.



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