Copy + Reproduction

When museums and artists need high-quality digital files, prints or transparencies of works of art-collected or created, they call Taylor Photo. When authors and researchers need photos of original documents or manuscripts taken for reproduction in books or articles, they call Taylor Photo.

Photography for reproduction and documentation is painstaking and delicate work. The amount of detail captured on film can be of aesthetic, historical, or even legal importance to posterity. Taylor Photo is uniquely qualified to provide Reproduction and Documentation photography. We offer comprehensive “beginning-to-end” services:

  • Our studio is equipped with every format of camera, and lenses of every size.
  • We control the processing of any type of positive or negative film in our own digital department.
  • We digitally correct or enhance digital images to coax out even greater detail.
  • We can produce the final product on anything from any kind of digital media or printed output.

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