Digital Retouching

Enhance your images like never before

Digital Retouching requires experience, and – experience! Our Retouchers know how to use the latest in digital technology to improve and enhance your images.  We will also use the magic of digital retouching to create photo-compositions and perform image restorations.

When it comes to our digital imaging solutions, no challenge is beyond our grasp!

Digital Image Retouching – Lab Services

At Taylor Photo, we can perform magic. We have ways to make your good photos look great, or your old photos look young again. We can even combine parts of two or more images to make something completely new.

Correcting Exposures & Enhancing Sharpness

Bring your film, digital memory card, negative, or even a print (if you don’t have a negative) to Taylor Photo. We’ll digitize the image correct an exposure problem, or enhance or sharpen your image, and then output the new continuous tone image.

Restoration & Compositing

At Taylor Photo, we’re able to move mountains, change the world or turn back the hands of time. We can restore, re-print and even sepia-tone your timeworn original.

Perhaps you have a perfect shot of a building model and want to know how it will really look in its actual site. Or, you might have the perfect photo of your product but want to show it with a different background.

We also can provide duplicates or mounting and laminating to display and protect photographs. The scope of our retouching services include:

  • Spotting
  • Color Correction
  • Cosmetic Retouching
  • Photo Compositing
  • Photo Restoration

Moving buildings and changing environments

We are unsurpassed in our ability to seamlessly enhance images. Some of our more simple examples include:

  • Changing or accentuating a product’s color.
  • Changing an overcast sky to the blue sky you had hoped for.
  • Adding or removing people from group portraits, as needed.


Utilizing the skill of our master technicians, our clients have been able to do amazing things:

  • Architects often need to show clients what a building design (or even an entire city!) will look like before construction begins.
  • Builders can show what a project looks like before it is finished. This can help to trigger additional business processes: advertising and selling can begin before the project’s completion.

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